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The Difference Between an Auto Mechanic and a Transmission Specialist

If you live in Prior Lake, MN or the surrounding Scott County area then you are probably aware that there is no shortage of automobile
mechanics. But there is an important difference between an auto mechanic and a transmission specialist. Auto mechanics tend to be knowledgeable in general automobile repair. A competent mechanic can normally handle a variety of automotive issues like auto inspections, AC servicing, brake repair, check engine light diagnostics, engine servicing, oil changes, timing belt replacement or tune up service. However, when it comes to transmission repair, it calls for a completely different and specialized level of expertise.

The transmission is without question the most complicated and intricate part of any vehicle on the road today. Transmission repair, rebuilding and replacement requires specialized knowledge, tools and techniques. A transmission technician can spends years and sometime hundreds of thousand dollars to acquire the skills and equipment necessary to do the job right.

More likely than not, when your transmission is in need of servicing or repair, you will take it your local auto mechanic. What most customers do not realize is that most auto mechanics lack the skill set and tools necessary to fix your vehicle’s transmission so they send your car to a transmission repair shop where it is serviced by a qualified transmission technician. (Don’t take our word for it – ask your mechanic. If they are HONEST, they will tell you that this is exactly what happens.) When the transmission repair shop sends your vehicle back to your mechanic, the bill you receive is often several hundred dollars more than the transmission repair shop charged.

Why not go directly to the source? Come to Prior Lake Transmission for all your transmission needs.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Transmission Repair

You will save money by eliminating the middle man! If you live in Prior Lake or the surrounding area you can save hundreds of dollars with us compared to a local auto mechanic and perhaps thousands of dollars with us compared to a car dealership.

We have great rates, excellent service and over 30 years of experience. We’re certified members of the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) as well as the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA).  So rest assured, at Prior Lake Transmission, we are experts when it comes to repairing your vehicle’s drive train.  You can also count on us to perform a thorough inspection of your entire vehicle to make sure it is safe, and well tuned for maximum fuel efficiency.


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What People Are Saying About Us

Wandered in to see what they would charge for replacing a horn switch that is embedded in the steering wheel airbag. They were $100 cheaper than the other 3 shops I had visited. They now repair all 3 of my vehicles including my Mercedes. Very honest bunch. Would recommend them to my mother or best friend. There is a reason their lot is frequently full.

Robert Behler

Great team. I have brought my second truck there to have the transmission fixed. Problem was not fixed the first time and I brought it back. They found the problem and it was a small hair line crack in the piston housing. Even I could not see it after they showed me the faulty part. They managed to fix it and offered me a new truck to drive while it was being fixed. A+++ as they stand behind there work and they will not bs you around. They are professional and know what they are doing but you have to be patient when its a big job for them. Thanks and I will be referring others to your shop.

Jason Miller

I have had several cars repaired at this shop, always within time promised and appropriate pricing. Very pleased with the service. Its obvious these guys want to be around a long time.

Bill Gibson


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